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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here is a closeup of the sock yarn I'm using. Sockotta is great! It self stripes and it's cotton/superwash wool/nylon blend! These socks end up virtually indestructible! My daughter has a pair that I made for her about a month ago, and she WEARS her handmade socks, ok? and they don't have any holes yet! So I decided to pull out this ball and make myself some today since it's so bloomin cold out! It's raining like cats and dogs here! And the temper has dropped into the 40's! And with this fibromyalgia that I have, my knees, back, neck and hands are hurtin like nobody's business! And I am sooo cold! So I quickly got out the DP's and cast on, and I've been reading this good book by Nora Roberts, and knitting these socks. Perfect thing to do when you're trying to get a good book read, is a nice comfy pair of socks to knit. (don't have to really pay very much attention to what you're doin, it's called mindless knitting!) :-) Later... Posted by Picasa


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