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Sunday, July 24, 2005

You Just Never Know
I was accepted to the knitting blog web ring today. I was thrilled. Until I found out that there is another pick up sticks! I was shocked. I thought I had dibbs. So, that goes to show you that you never know, do you? I did go and check out the site of course, and she is also a knitter. So, all of you out there can have it both ways huh? :) Well, I guess there are much worse things in life than having the same page name.

For those of you who couldn't figure out what the pics are of, its the Irish Diamond Shawl at about 1/2 way done! It's such an easy pattern, I'm glad I put down my other project to do it. Its really kind of fun, especially to knit black lace. Looks mysterious....


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