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Friday, July 22, 2005

Up and Down
I'm up today! Yeah! I have been stiff and sore, (still stiff and sore), but better! I can't wait to be back full throttle. But, I decided to do this new project and now it's going great! I thought that this would be something fast and fun. So, I'll post progress. I'm waiting on Shetland wool from Schoolhouse Press to come. I ordered a purplish color to do the Peacock Shawl in. So, now just anxiously waiting for it to come.
Also ordered the Garden Shawl and Inky Dinky Spider shawl from Dorothy @ Fiddlesticks. I love her stuff! If any of you haven't knit a shawl from her, please do. She is one of the most prolific lace designers of our time, (in my opinion). Her patterns are so easy to follow. Even if you've never knit lace before, you would be able to do it blindfolded with her patterns.
Ok. enough, I know, I could go on and on, but after doing the Tina shawl, I mean, hey? What can I say?

Back to Work
My classes are going to be starting back up again next month already! The schedule is already packed. I've got people signed up and on waiting lists. What to do? So, some of the classes are going to have to be doubled, especially at the library. The next one is at:

Knitting In the Round
11:00A - 2:00P
Knitting Terminology and Finishing Techniques
Mary of Lisa Shafer

Call them to register. I'm not for sure on the price though. But we'll have fun. I'm going to show some finishing of garments, some increase, decrease techs and spinning demos. And whatever else people want to see.

Centre Township Branch Library
Tuesday, September 20, 05 @ 6P - 8P
Intermediate Knitting
Call the branch to register. Space is limited.

Knit and spin on....


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