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Friday, October 07, 2005

Yeah, yeah I say! I've had so many people coming over to check out the blog! I'm really excited about that. Thank you all, and most of all the Yarn Harlot herself! I was sooo taken with Stephanie, I really enjoyed our time on Sunday! We learned so much from her. I think that all knitters combined experience helps each other greatly. We all need each others support. I love knowing that I'm not the only knitting and spinning fiend out there in the world!

I mean, hello! I can't help that I eat, drink, sleep (when I sleep) and breathe fiber! I'd love to hear from any of the rest of you. I know your out there. You know that at some of the most inappropriate times, you're thinking of your work (knitting), not sitting in an office typing, or driving kids back and forth to school, or milking cows, or watching kids all day! Or mergers, or acquisitions, or whatever.....! All you can think about is picking up those needles and getting busy!!!

So then I decided that I should look for Alice Starmores Fair Isle knitting book! Hah, what a commotion!!! Can you believe that that book is going for pretnear $200.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went online to EBay and found it, and have been bidding myself raggedy! I mean, people want this book. So any of you out there who has it, DO NOT by any means let it go, EVER!


Blogger Nik said...

Hi fellow blogger;)

Saw your pic and blog link over at the Harlot's site and thought I'd drop in to say hello. You are a prolific knitter. wow.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Liz M. said...

Thank you very much Nik.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Maia said...

Did you get a copy of Alice Starmore's book? For some reason I have two. I can part with one. I think you would give it a good home.

8:45 AM  

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