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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I've put down ALL of my other projects in lieu of this jacket that I decided to make with this handspun yarn that I've had spun up for awhile. The natural black if from Lisa Truman and is a corriedale X, the white is merino from Copper Moose. So far, I've been knitting this since Monday. It's coming along very fast. I'm trying to get back used to using a size 7 needle, since mostly everything that I've been knitting for months is no bigger than a 4! So I feel clumsy of hand. But I forgot how fast worsted weight yarn knits up. I was going to originally make this a pullover, but as I've gone along, it's getting heavy, and so I decided that I'm going to turn it into a jacket! So, after all of the knitting is done, I'll just cut it up the front open! It's based on the Norwegian ski sweater patterns. I've looked through some books and found some interesting charts that I'm going to use for the top portion of the body and sleeves. Pics to come.... :) happy knitting and spinning everyone.... (Don't worry, I'll finish the others later, I just had to knit this baby up!!! You all know how it is don't you?) Posted by Picasa


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