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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This sheepfold pattern (from Elizabeth Zimmerman) is soo neat! I am really enjoying knitting it! The fishbone cable is also one of my favorites! I am thinking that this will be the back of the sweater. Especially since the cable is mirror imaged, and I didn't decide until just now that I think it would make a fantastic cardigan sweater. So.... onward I shall go...

I am also thinking that after tonight, I will be doing a marathon knitting session on the fair isle so that I can just finish it up. Get myself a nice long saga, or drama like Bleak House (Charles Dickinson) or Pride and Prejudice , or Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea. Now that one would be a good one considering it's 8 hours long! Will let you know what I decide! Later... :) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Florence said...

Love your blog.
And the knitting you do.
I also am a BIG fan of Elizabeth and Meg. I am working on Meg's Mimbres Vest, just putting on the applied I-cord trim, absolutely love it. Since it was my first time doing steeks and cutting them and I-cord, I learned alot.
Have you ever been to the knitting camp? Me and a friend hope to attend this summer.
I have the pattern also that your working on, I suppose when I get in a cable mood I'll try it, yours is turning out beautiful, my next project I think will be a fairisle one that is in the Sweaters from camp book. Once again love seeing your progress and reading your blog. Knit on.

2:26 AM  
Blogger bzystitchin said...

I absolutely love your knitting! Your cables look great..keep up the good work. I only wish I had half the time to knit that you do. Can't wait to see the update on your fair isle sweater.

Keep on knittin'

8:13 AM  

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