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Friday, July 14, 2006


And this is the red/madder on the wheel. I'm spinning this shetland on my joy because of the ratio I can get using this wheel. I'm spinning this with a bit more twist so that when I ply it, it's a nice firm but lightweight yarn. I'm using the same technique that I used when I spun the yarn for the other fair isles. The ratio is 12:1. I will be keeping you posted as to the progress of the spinning of the yarns for the new fair isle. I can't help myself, I'd rather spin the yarn to knit my fair isles than use already spun commercial yarn. Why? I don't really know yet. It's the process of creating the garment from the bottom up that has me captivated I suppose. I feel very womanly and authentic and traditional when I do it. And I get a real sense of pride. And speaking of the other fair isles, the slipover vest that I finished last week is gone.... bye, bye... it sold yesterday! Yeah! So I feel good that the new owner was so in love with it that she had to come all the way to my house to get it! The look on her face was pure joy, and so was mine! :) Happy knitting and spinning all....  Posted by Picasa


Blogger Crystal said...

I am glad you sold your vest. It was lovely. I total agree with you in that it is more rewarding to knit with the wool you spun yourself. I find myself drawn to those projects rather than the items that I paid big bucks for the yarn.

7:29 AM  

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