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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Norwegian Pullover

I started the Norwegian pullover yesterday and was able to get this far! The yarn I'm using is Telemark from Knit Picks. I forgot that I had ordered this awhile back. I was going through the closet and there it was! Yeah! I love having yarn that I forgot about, and then pull it out and it's ready to go! This has been going pretty fast. It is based on EZ's EPS system with a co of 180 sts. for the ribbing. 2x2 ribbing at the bottom for 3". Then increase to 212 sts. for the body and begin pattern after knitting a short row across the back. I also snuck one in after the second set of lus. It's going great, and I'm also darning as I go. Saves time at the end. Happy knitting to all! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Rebekah said...

Looks great, your sweater you posted yesterday is beautiful too.

Surprise yarn is the best kind of yarn there is!

12:34 PM  

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