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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I decided to knit a Fair Isle yoke sweater this week because of the weather starting to change over! This is shetland, and I am using Elizabeth Zimmerman's Fair Isle Yoke sweater from her book Knitting Workshop and VHS set. Her and Meg (Swansen) knit this together on the tape, and Meg knit it in gray. I don't have enough shetland gray, so I decided to knit a cream one, and put their pretty yoke pattern in it. I've not decided yet if I'm going to make it blue tones, or red tones, or fall tones. Fortunately, I have quite enough time to decide while I'm knitting this slow bit of the body of the sweater. I love to knit circular yoke sweater because of the natural curve around the shoulders. Usually when I knit sweaters with drop sleeves, I look like a football player! ha, ha, ha, ha,. I've also decided to knit a raglan cardi with the beautiful silver wenslydale that I spun up last month. Pic progress later.... Posted by Picasa


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