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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yes! I learned to spindle spin silk today from Vicki! She brought these silk hankies and showed us how to work these mugs! And boy let me tell you, I am HOOKED! I could sit in my bed spinning these all night, but I had to stop so I could post. This is 2 silk hankies so far on my spindle! Can you believe it? It's like spider webs, but sooo strong, and I'll be spinning all the hankies that Vicki gave me from now until December! Especially since I've decided to do this project with my spindle. I am getting this silk down to like a thread in thickness, so I love it! Later! Stay warm, hello! -30 degress! What? Stay in and stay snugged.... Posted by Picasa


Blogger MUDNYC said...

Looks like so much fun, I'm really sorry I missed it. I hope I can go to the next one!

5:27 PM  
Blogger Liz M. said...

We had a blast! I am so glad I braved the weather to go! I didn't want to leave it was such a great time!

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL day full of fibery frolics! Love the Flower Basket Shawl - beautiful color and pattern. I would like to know more about spinning from the hankies. I took a class at SAFF last October where we just pulled a layer from the silk cap and stretched it into roving and knitted directly with that. Had to wear gloves because the silk is so fly-away. I've never tried to spin 100% silk. Any pointers???

6:53 AM  
Blogger Liz M. said...

Just do it! :) Don't be intimidated, because it is a fly-away business, but for me, once I got the hang of the flapping, it was easy. I also spin sitting down in bed! When you are standing up with your drop spindle, it goes really, really fast! But, oh well, I just enjoy it period. I'm able to spin it very, very thin with the drop spindle... have fun

4:56 PM  
Blogger Vicki said...

Liz, you're doing great! I've got 4 more packages of silk hankies to spin. Wish I'd bought more at Allegan last year. But I've got her phone number if want more!

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Tina said...

It looks amazing, such fine thread! And the colour on the hankie is lovley too.

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Sheila B said...

I love the color of your silk hankie, it looks like ocean blue! I love spinning silk myself, the luster of it is wonderful. Spiffy little spindle you have there, too! ;-)

What will you use this for when finished?

Spin happy!

3:34 AM  

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