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Thursday, April 05, 2007

This yummy looking stuff is 50 silk/ and 25 icelandic and 25 shetland blend. I spun it up yesterday. The silk was silk hankies that I got from Vicki! If you look back in previous posts (January or February) you'll see me spindle spinning the silk hankies. Well, I finally finished them, and then spun up some light gray icelandic/shetland that I've had for a while. I then plyed them together last night, and put this hank in the dyebath overnight. This is how it came out this morning! Yeah! And I got 520 yards. There was about 550 yards of silk on my spindle! Can you believe it! That's amazing. It's a Bosworth .05 ounce featherweight! I couldn't believe how much silk was on that thing. I just kept plyeing and plyeing! But, it was worth it. I think that I'll make a scarf, or something lacy from this. Pics will come soon.... Posted by Picasa


Blogger Vicki said...

That's gorgeous! Have you decided what to knit out of it yet? I need to get back to work on the Shetland scarf from my handspun merino and silk. Too many projects to work on.

9:43 AM  

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