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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And, I started another fair isle. I've been dyeing to do one for months! I've just been spinning and dyeing so much, that my knitting has gone by the wayside, and the knitting that I love doing the most has suffered. But on Sunday, I decided, that's it! I'm casting on and doing it. the wool is from Brown Sheep Company the Nature Spun! I love this fingering weight of theirs, and it's sooo soft! And they have lots of colors to choose from. I wanted some blues... it's fall, and I'm getting into the mode! Happy spinning and knitting all, and later!

I have also been working on another handspun lace project using shetland blended with silk that I carded at a ratio of about 85/15 and then dyed and spun up into this! Gorgeous huh? But take a look at that tube of Tiger Balm... you know what that's for don't you? Yep, good ol' Arthuritis has come to visit me! He just hangs around and bugs me daily... hands, wrists, elbows, whatever, knees. But the Tiger Balm is really good for it! Take that Mr. Arthurrrrr

I've been doing some spinning as you can see. The pic isn't very good, but you can get the gist of it... I love these colors..


Saturday, August 11, 2007

This is handspun sock yarn that I'm spinning for Yellowdog Knitting Shop. This is a sample that I've spun up of superwash and dyed (green of course). Knitting on size 1 dpns and using Tidal Wave pattern, but done toe up! I hope to be done with these by next week!

The second pic is of my new obsession! I've been spindling in my spare time. The small featherweight Bosworth has merino/tencel, and I've only got about and ounce of that. I'm spinning it lace weight for a scarf or something. The right one is a Greensleeves featherweight that I got at the spinning retreat in February. I'm spinning laceweight merino that I dyed a while ago! I've got about 3.5 ounces of this to get spun up. In my spare time! I'm doing many other things right now including a typing job. So we'll see what get's done!


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