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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I've finished the sheep shawl. Here it is blocked and ready to go to the Retreat on Friday. Posted by Picasa

The Sheep Shawl - pre-blocked! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, What a Week!

I went to the doctors on Wednesday. Mind you, this is the 5th doctor I've been to since January of 06. This one doesn't think that I have fibromyalgia, he thinks I've either developed lups or rheumatoid athritis. I just wish someone would find out what is wrong with me, and so I can move forward, instead of all these guesses and these medications. I feel like a guinea pig! "Let's try this one, let's try that one...." It's getting on my nerves. In the meantime, I'm dealing with wrist pain, hands swelling, ankles hurting, hips hurting, my neck is killing me. I'm have a hard time sleeping well. I've been uped on my dosage of medication, and they've added another one for anxiety! NO! I don't have anxiety do I? With 5 kids, 2 of which are not mine? What, can that really be?

Anyway, here is my progress on the border of the sheep shawl. Hoping to have this all done by the time I go to the retreat next weekend! Not that I'm not going to be looking forward to that!!! I've been looking forward to it for over a year. I'll post pics of that when I return. Take care all, and have a great weekend.... :) Posted by Picasa

The sheep shawl from Evelyn Clark is almost done! I've been working on it between dyeing, and spinning and knitting socks, and hats. So, not bad! I'm on the edging... This is the handspun corriedale that I purchased from Copper Moose to spin for this shawl! I spun about 2,000 yards in total! Posted by Picasa

This is my corner of the front room that is supposed to become my studio! Can you believe this? It's almost all fiber! There are only a couple of things of yarn in there. The rest is all fiber ready to be either spun up, or dyed up, or ready to be braided for sale, etc.! Where's the time go? Posted by Picasa

I was thinking of this color to go with the silk! It has similiar color variations as the silk, we'll see. This is merino that I purchased from The Sheep Shed Studio and dyed last week. I love spinning this stuff! Very wonderful to dye too! Posted by Picasa

I'm still spindle spinning the silk hankies from Vicki M.! I'm truly addicted. I have to physically make myself put it down and get my other stuff done! But I love it! Aren't these dreamy colors? I'm thinking of dyeing something like merino or a mohair/merino blend to ply with this for something lacy.... we'll see! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yes! I learned to spindle spin silk today from Vicki! She brought these silk hankies and showed us how to work these mugs! And boy let me tell you, I am HOOKED! I could sit in my bed spinning these all night, but I had to stop so I could post. This is 2 silk hankies so far on my spindle! Can you believe it? It's like spider webs, but sooo strong, and I'll be spinning all the hankies that Vicki gave me from now until December! Especially since I've decided to do this project with my spindle. I am getting this silk down to like a thread in thickness, so I love it! Later! Stay warm, hello! -30 degress! What? Stay in and stay snugged.... Posted by Picasa

Look! We did it! We braved the cold and blowing snow and went to Jess's for the Frog Pond Fiber Frolic today! And let me tell you, it was worth it! We all arrived around 11-ish, and didn't leave until like 4P! We just couldn't help it! Let's see, from left to right (Katy, Peggy Coffey!, Jessica, Susan, and Svena) What a group huh? And then there was me, I'm not in any of the photos I took of course, but we had merry group! And food, and chit chat, and fun. And spinning silk hankies with drop spindles, and trading fiber, and etc., etc. It was just wonderful! Wish you all could have been there... maybe next time. It will be my turn to have the next one at my house in March. Date and time to come..... Posted by Picasa

There is Vicki and E! Chatting it up. And look in the background... do you see E's beautiful Hap Shal, and in the center, is Jessica's absolutely gorgeous shawl that she just finished from Sharon Miller, and my shorty little Flower Basket on the other corner! We had to of course display our achievements for the month.... Posted by Picasa

We have Carol and Aubrey! Carol is knitting a gorgeous lace scarf, and Aubrey is almost done with her mystery stole, just a couple more rows to go! Posted by Picasa

Spinning wheels, and wheels and more wheels! This is bliss! And fiber, look at it draped all over the place, hanging off of wheels,.... what a wonderful site! Posted by Picasa

The swap table, look at all those goodies! Can you believe it's all for swap? We know exactly how to trade! And I'm telling you, it's all so wonderful! Hum, I wonder what I got? Can you guess? Posted by Picasa

Vicki's "for sale" basket of hand-dyed yarns and various other things. Yummmmmyyyy! Posted by Picasa

Here is the Flower Basket Shawl. It's draped over my bed on display... Posted by Picasa

Look at my "door prize"! A NORO BOOK! And look at this sweater? I'm knitting it! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 02, 2007

Norgi Vest!

Yes, I'm still knitting the vest. I had picked up around the armholes and knit down about an inch in pattern and didn't like it, so I decided to just go ahead with the vest idea. I'll finish up the armholes and neck today and block it for tomorrow!
Frog Pond Fiber Artists are having a Spin-In, Knit-in, Crochet-in or whatever in at Jessica's house! I'm too excited! My only worry is the weather. It's supposed to start snowing this evening. Maybe it'll quit just so we can go to the spin-in, and then start back up later.....(what do you think?) I'll hopefully remember my camera so I can take pics of everyone there! Posted by Picasa

Working on a sock that is dorset X that I dyed and spun up just for this project. I actually wanted to see what the dorset would feel like knit into socks. It's kindy of sedgy feeling, and I don't think I'd like it next to my skin. But, for socks, it's great. I think it's going to be pretty hard wearing. Pretty colors too! Posted by Picasa

I've finished my hand-dyed, handspun Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn Clark, and it's pinned out and blocking, I'll post another pic when it's dry... Posted by Picasa


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