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Friday, January 19, 2007

Dyeing Again!

Yes, I've been dyeing again. My superwash merino order finally came in the other day, and I couldn't resist the 2 lbs. just sitting there begging to be dyed. So, below you see the yeild! What was I to do?

And then, Vicki M. of asked me to do a "little" dyeing for her! Well, after an email or two, it was decided that she had about 5 lbs. of various breeds, (white and gray) fiber that she needed dyed. So, she and Elizabeth S. of came over and brought those lucious 5 lbs. of fiber. I then got out the pots! (yes I said pots) and got them a cookin... I was dyeing superwash and shetland until 10:30p last night. Look at those glorious colors below! yeah, and of course I had to keep a little out for myself to try out the superwash merino, so here it is below pre-drafted and ready to spin (I'm already spinning it)!

And baby blue and baby pink! and lilac. This will make something nice and soft and cuddly. It's a nice 5 ounces too!  Posted by Picasa

What would be a good name for this? It's just soo, something! But I like it! Posted by Picasa

Jewels in superwash, 5 gorgeous ounces.... Posted by Picasa

Here is the Chocolate Princess superwash merino! Came out nicely I think.  Posted by Picasa

Vicki! here is the first dye job of the gray shetland from yesterday! Ooooohhhhh! Don't you just want to touch it? To spin it? To do something with it? It's a wonderful 5 oz............ (it's waiting) Posted by Picasa

And Vicki! I was in the pink and green mode, and here is the corriedale! Yahhhhhh.... Posted by Picasa

Vicki!!!! Look at this!!!! I couldn't wait to let you see it, so here you go! I'll bring it next week! But this is only some of the shetland.... Posted by Picasa

Natural Dark Gray Shetland dyed green/blue! Isn't it lovely? I had to use the left-over dye batch from the light shetland of Vicki's that I dyed.... Can't wait to spin it up.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yes! I still knit! This is 2 days worth of knitting on this vest/sweater. I decided I couldn't do it anymore and had to caston for something with color and charts. Here it is! I finished this much at 2A in the morning. The charts are from the Anatolian Knitting Designs book from Schoolhouse Press. However, I still haven't decided if I'm going to make this a vest or a sweater. I'll decide as I go... Happy knitting and spininng (I have superwash coming.... for dyeing, 2lbs. But I can't let myself be detered, I must finish this!)  Posted by Picasa


After going to bed at about 2:00A, this is what the vest/sweater looked like! 2 days worth of knitting on this baby! I love it! I'm like mesmerized by the patterns! These are 2 different patterns from the book, and one put together are creating a whole different pattern! It's gorgeous! I'm proud of how it's coming out! Would anyone be interested in knitting it along with?
Let me know if your interested in a KAL. Although, I'm not quite sure how to do a knit along, but we'll figure it out as we go.
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Look! It's a chart! I know, hold yourselves back! You didn't think I knit anymore did you? But yes, I do! I was itching to get another color patterned project going, and so I found these charts in the Anatolian Charts book from Schoolhouse Press, and made some copies, and did some calculations, and cast on for a vest/sweater. Don't know yet if I'll just make a vest or sweater, but I've been working on it for 2 days, no dyeing(maybe a little) and no spinning for 2 whole days...... Posted by Picasa

Sock Yarn for Sale! This is 75% Merino and 25% Nylon sock yarn. I've dyed a bunch of it up. I have it on my Etsy store for sale, but thought I would post it here too! Each hank is 231 yards, and they are $12.00/each. Posted by Picasa

This is Baby Spice! I don't know if you all remember him. But I've spun him up now for going on 2 years. He's lightened quite a bit, but is still a beautiful fawn color. So I had some left from my last "natural" spinning of him, and decided to try and dye it to see what it would look like! Well, as you can see.... gorgeous, and look at the shine! I used purple, teal, and saffire blue dye, and I think it took very well. This is lace weight, and I have another 4 oz. of this to spin into lace weight. What will I do with it? I don't know... I'm very attached to Baby Spices fiber :) Posted by Picasa

Waving Lace Scarf! almost done! Posted by Picasa


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