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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I finished the doily that I started a couple of days ago. This one is different than the one I originally posted. It was giving me fits getting the center to lay flat! So, I think I need to try a different needle size (smaller) and try it again. In the meantime, I made this one. Sometimes I just have to take a break from knitting, and do some lace crochet, or filet crochet just to break the monotony? of things... But isn't this just gorgeous? I love making doilies. I think I may put this one in a frame after I starch it! I'm still spinning of course! That never bores me.... Later! Posted by Picasa

This was one of the displays that I set up for demo purposes. I like to give people a general overall of knitting when I do a beginner knitting class. Let them see that there is more out there involved in knitting than just making scarves... Posted by Picasa

These two were really excited! And they did exceptionally well! Picked it right up and were knitting away... Posted by Picasa

Saturday I had my first class of the year start again at the local library. I took some pictures of some of the students that were in attendance. Don't they look anxious? Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 24, 2006

This is the hook that I'm using to make this doily! And It takes 30 count cotton thread! Of course, I have that! What size don't I have? Why, because I'm obsessive compulsive about always having everything I need, when I need it to make any project that I want. So, now I just have to pick a color! Chow for now, I'll post pics later! Posted by Picasa

This is what a doily pattern looks like. Posted by Picasa

Isn't this beautiful? So, I decided to put down my knitting for a couple of days and do some lace crochet doily making! I love making doilies! I think it's because I'm getting spring fever! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Check out the ingeo! Of course once my son George saw this fantastic blue, he HAD to have a hat out of it, so I cast on last night and finished the ribbing so far. But when I set the twist, it didn't set! What in the world is going on???? This stuff is just as twisted as it was when I took it off of the wheel. So I can't wait until I finish this hat, because it is going to be the most twisted sister lookin thing you have ever seen! I don't know about spinning this stuff in singles, but it's just so pretty as a single as opposed to plyed! Maybe it's just me, but I have never had a problem with setting the twist in anything at all. And, the dye wanted to bleed out, (which I figured that it would when I wet it), so I automatically put the vinegar in. Oh, well, live and learn.... later..:) Posted by Picasa

This is what's on the wheel now, natural white soysilk! I've already spun up about 350 yds. of this so far. It's just like spinning real silk. I've already decided what I'm making out of this. I'm spinning it in a singles, why? Because you know me, I' love singles! Posted by Picasa

Here is a pic of the shawl, it's coming along nicely, except I keep spinning this wonderful soysilk, I just can't get enough of it.... :) Posted by Picasa

I spun up this soysilk to finish up the shawl that I started last week! This color is called "Tye Dye". Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is the back of the cardi, the huge 22 stitch cable that runs down the center back. Thank you to Elizabeth Zimmerman for "inventing" the sheepfold cable, and to Meg Swansen for using Barbara Walker's cable in the center. Even though I variated from Meg's pattern a bit, it still came out great... Good night, and I'll have pics posted later of the finished sweater with buttons and all :) Posted by Picasa

Here is a closer shot of the front and the buttonband knit in one piece all the way around the body on one needle. Posted by Picasa

Here she is! Finally! A finished aran.... done completely in the round, and cut open, (which was an afterthought), so I didn't put steeks stitches in the front, and had to sew down the center of the biggest cable. But I think that I came out beautifully... whew, now I can go to bed Posted by Picasa

It is now 2:00AM! I have finished the buttonband, washed the cardigan, and am ready to block this sucker! Posted by Picasa

And here is the entire sweater with the body, sleeves attached, and the entire buttonband picked up on one needle (29" size 3), and ready to knit the buttonband in garter stitch all the way around. Now mind you ladies, it is now 11:30 p.m. and I am determined to fiinish this sweater tonight, blocking and all...... Posted by Picasa

Here is the first sleeve attached... Yeah! It looks great! Posted by Picasa

Shoulder join! I like to do a shoulder join on the shoulder with the seam on the outside, especially arans. It kind of goes with the theme, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

Cutting the cardigan open. Posted by Picasa

And here is the neck steek cut open. Ready to start the armhole shaping. Posted by Picasa

Here is the neck steek of the aran cardigan. Ready to be sewn and cut open. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 11, 2006

And this is the wonderful ingeo that I spun the other night, and set the dye and the twist. I started knitting this shawl! I have a really important event coming up in about 3 weeks, and thought that this would be a beautiful springtime shawl. I just love these colors, and am looking forward to getting it done for the Memorial. I've knit this much since last night. It's a very simple diagonal lace pattern. Only 6 lines of pattern to memorize. And three are purl! Until later, :) Posted by Picasa

This marvelous blue is a blend of merino and soysilk (70/30). I spun it in a single (of course) and have not set the twist yet, as you can see. But will do so tonight. My son of course wants a hat out of this! He loves this color of blue! I told him, we'll see. What do you think I should do? Posted by Picasa

Well, I found out that I was mistaken about soysilk and ingeo! This is ingeo! Which is made from corn! Duh on me! And soysilk is made from soybeans. Both fibers however are manmade. And both fibers are like spinning silk believe me! I love this color though. This is the natural color of the corn after the processing and everthing. No dye! I would love to try and dye this and see what happens. I think after I get used to spinning it, I'm going to try my hand at dyeing it. Since it is going to be warming up pretty soon, I am excited about dyeing again. :) Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006

And here is the fist little swatch. I spun it in a single, and also in color sections. As you can see, it is kindof striping itself! I love it!!!!! :) Posted by Picasa


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