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Saturday, November 25, 2006

And this is singles merino! I had soo much fun dyeing and spinning this! Don't want to give it up, but....... :) Posted by Picasa

I ordered a bit of BFL to dye and spin. Look at the colors!!! Brilliant and vibrant. This is a definite keeper. I think I've gotten down my 3 wools for dyeing and spinning! This is one! The colors took very well. This is spun about a dk weight to sock. Single ply however. And only this one hank! Posted by Picasa

I've got about 1/2 lb. left of this merino two-ply to spin, and this will be ready to go! It's wonderful to dye this merino and then spin it! Came out great! Posted by Picasa

These are two experiments with spinning sock weight yarn. Came out pretty good I think. I'm going to knit them up and see how they come out for socks. But the colors! Love em' :) Posted by Picasa

This was fun too! This is 1lb. of merino! Gorgeous and soft. I spun this kind of bulky. And then dyed it! I'd probably use a 9-11 size needle! It's ready to go also... :) Posted by Picasa

It was sooooo hard for me to put these in the bin "for sale". I LOVE these colors together! I knew I would when I started dyeing them and seeing how they were coming out! But, they have to go.... :) Posted by Picasa

More greens, and blues.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 20, 2006

Norwegian Gloves!

I looked through Sheila McGregors book of Scandanavian knitting and found this delicious star pattern. So I thought it would make a wonderful pair of gloves. I'm on the second one and set of fingers as you can see. I've just got projects going everywhere. This yarn is Knit Picks Telemark in Black and Cream. Size 1 needles. I think that I will write and post this pattern if anyone is interested. I'm trying to figure out how to write the pattern in Adobe and put it on the blog to be accessed. If anyone knows how to do it for sure, let me know! Thanks! Happy knitting, spinning, and whatever else your doing.... :) Posted by Picasa

Knit Picks sock yarn, and socks... (aren't we always knitting socks????) Posted by Picasa

Here's Baby, on one of his rare posing days. I couldn't believe this shot! So I had to post it. He's now 8 years old! (almost), and still a rascal! Posted by Picasa

I've not posted in a couple of weeks, because I've been in my kitchen doing this! Isn't it wonderful? I've been dyeing corriedale, merino and BFL. I ordered dye from Knit Picks to try out, and I think it's a definite go for these dyes. And they are only $3.99 each. So, I'm going to slowly but surely get them all... So far these are the only six colors that I ordered. And of course they are greens, blues and purple, with the bright yellow added. Came out great I think.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 10, 2006


Hi all! I've been sooooo busy! Knitting and spinning and dyeing! I'm also selling these sweaters..... It's more of a bidding type system. I'm starting the bid at $95.00 for each sweater. They are all sized 38" - 44" womens. One is a a unisex and is a 45" - 48". The norwegian ski sweater is for a (small woman or child) 34" - 36" women's or a child's size for about age 10 -12. And everyone who would be interested in one can submit a bid to me at my email address : or here in the comments section. If you know of anyone else who would be interested, please let them know. Thanks, I've got to get the stock replenished and replaced which will be with other things.... (like what?)

I'm going to start by offering handspun/hand-dyed yarn (merino, and corriedale and other natural fibers).

I will be knitting mostly baby items now. And hats, and gloves, mittens, scarves and socks. The one of a kind sweaters will be only once and awhile. It's just to hard to move them. Cost and all you know....???? Happy knitting and spinning to everyone! :)  Posted by Picasa


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