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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What Have I Been Doing?
Well, everything! Of course. This week has been so crazy! The kids need clothes for school, and supplies, and this, and that! Well, I just had to step up to the plate, and put on my SUPER MOM outfit, and get to steppin! ha, ha :) Now, I have one more day, and they go back! Yeah!!!!!

So, the next adventure in the life of Liz Matthews is teaching! I will be teaching for Sit & Knit Yarn Shop here in downtown South Bend. I am very excited, I have finished two projects for the shop that I will be teaching, and I guess if you want to see them, you have to go to the shop heh? The one pic below is of another project that I will be teaching there. Come on over and join me. We're going to be doing lace, and cables and fair isles, and Dale of Norway, and whatever else we can come up with. We'll be sitting and knittin, and sittin and spinnin :o) Until later, enjoy the rest of your weeks ladies, and keep those chins, up and those hand movin...

Sleeve of a fair isle for Mrs. Heckaman's shop also. Must get done!! I have classes up the wazzu coming up, and all I've been doing is knitting and laundry! :o) of course, with 5 kids getting ready to go to school, what else is there? Posted by Picasa

Here is my current project. It's for Sit & Knit shop. I will be teaching this class in about 2 months at the shop. I'm loving these colors!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Weekend!
Sorry for not posting for a couple of days. We were gone over the weekend to our District Convention in Toledo, Ohio. We camped! It was fun. And interesting with 5 kids! :) But, the program was great from beginning to end.
Below is what I absolutely had to do when I got home. I wanted to spin like crazy, and I did yesterday. I don't know why I decided to blend the cotswold with the merino, but it came out great. Kind of softened up the cotswold, and now it can be knit into something soft.
We just received the information for the show this year at Interwoven Expressions. There are 31 artists. The location is the same. We'll see how it goes with that many people there.

A shot of Baby, being a cutie... Posted by Picasa

Here is the final hank. Kinda blends in with the doily. Sorry for that, I'll send another pic soon. Posted by Picasa

I blended cotswold and a wonderful merino called Diablo. Isn't it pretty? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Exciting News!
I'll be teaching at the new shop in downtown South Bend, Sit & Knit! It's a really nice shop, and will be an asset to the city. I think that people are going to really flock to it. They have been non-stop busy since they opened last Friday. I am excited to have this opportunity, and will be having some really advanced classes! We will be doing everything from fair isle knitting, to lace, cables, entralac, etc. Whatever we can! If you live close, come on in and join us!

Ms. Pretty is now crawling. And believe me, she is everywhere!!! I laugh at my sister, because I remember those days! Posted by Picasa

Closeup of the cable. Very simple 8 stitch cable. Will be teaching this class soon! September I think. Posted by Picasa

This sweater is from a Jaeger book. It has a beautiful cable running across the top of it. I'm doing it in Plymouth Gallway. Posted by Picasa

Here is a summer top that I did for the new shop Sit & Knit. The yarn is a wonderful cotton by GGH. Lovely colors too. I now need to write the pattern! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy
I haven't posted in a week! I can't believe it's been that long. I have been soooo busy. We had a picnic, and friends from Michigan down, and just one thing after another this past week. Now I can finally sit down. Which is really what I've supposed to have been doing since the surgery. But, I know you all out there know that when you're a woman, sitting isn't really a part of our vocab. Right! :)
Haven't had time to spin or knit. Yesterday, I knit the bag you see below. It was really fast and simple. I had to do something! I haven't been working on the Irishe Diamond Shawl or anything either. I know, you can't believe it. Neither can I, but I will of course be starting something soon. So I'll send pics soon of the latest WIP.

The new yarn shop opened last Friday. Sit and Knit it's called. It is wonderful. Of course I haven't gotten any pics of it yet. Hopefully E's Spinning and Knitting blog will have pics for you all out there. I didn't take my camera with me....
They have a nice shop, and the yarns are also nice. There are 2 couches and some chairs to sit there and just have a blast. I sat for a while and joined in, but of course the place was teaming with people because it's the newest thing in this town. Hopefully, I'll be teaching some classes there, so I'll post if and when that takes place. Until then, happy spinnin and knittin...

Look at this antique tea pot a friend gave me. Isn't it pretty? I love stuff like this! It really made my day. Posted by Picasa

I finished this shawl and blocked it. It's wool with Eros ladder yarn with it. I put this on the EBay stores for sale. Anyone, anyone.... Posted by Picasa

I knit this bag yesterday. I've been not really doing much! Tired as can be. Posted by Picasa


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