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Sunday, July 30, 2006


This is a little cardi that I'm making for my niece. I started it this morning after working on Febre for about an hour. For some reason, sometimes I have to switch up when I'm midway through a project, especially colorwork because I start to get a little bored! So, I decided to make the sweater my sis has been asking for for Isabelle. And of course that's what I'm naming it. I'm making it with raglan sleeves. I like the shape and look of raglans on little kids better. Seems to fit them more, we'll see. And I'm going to have a collar. I may be posting this pattern after I'm done if I keep my calculations correct, and I don't have to rip... later :) Posted by Picasa

Left front of the cardigan. It's only 41 stitches so it's going very fast... :) Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006

And here is Febre! I am almost done with the body!!!!! I have about 3 inches more to go. The steeks, as you can see are done in stripes (of course). I am having a ball knitting this one. These are simple charts to memorize. I think I said that once before didn't I? I think I'll be ready to cut open the armhole steeks and v-nck later tonight! Yeeee-haaaaaa :) Posted by Picasa

The first of the gloves for Charlotte. As you can see, I've got only three fingers to go! I love the snowflake/star pattern (Sheila MacGregor's Scandanavian Knitting) , I absolutely LOVE knitting gloves... they are sooo much fun, I can't believe it! These are from Charlotte's sheep (cotswold) and the purple is dyed from natural Logwood, and the white is the natural state. :) Posted by Picasa


Emerald! -
2-ply - med. worsted weight/sport, and there are 3 other hanks that go with this one!
Approx. 200 yds. each hank!
$15.00 each
Posted by Picasa

Hand-dyed by Me! w/ koolaid :)
Approx. 500 yds. - Singles
DK weight
$30.00 Posted by Picasa

100% Merino wool
2-ply - med. worsted weight
Approx. 350 yds./both hanks
$35.00 Posted by Picasa

100% merino wool
Singles - DK weight
Color - Peacock
Approx. 250 yds. $25.00 Posted by Picasa

100 % merino wool
Dyed by Me! for a kit. Make a scarf & hat or whatever....
2 hanks of 2-ply and 1 hank of singles
2-ply is medium worsted, and single is sport weight
Recommend to be sold together - $45.00 Posted by Picasa

100% Merino wool
Singles - DK to Sport weight
Approx. 600 yds. with both hanks combined
$45.00 for both Posted by Picasa

Handspun 100% Tencel
Weight - DK to Sport
Approx. 200 yds.
$15.00 Posted by Picasa

100% Handspun Merino, 2-ply
All 3 hanks approx. 250 yds. each hank
$25.00/each or all 3 for $65.00 Posted by Picasa

Handspun Yarn - approx. 550 yds. , Singles, 100% merino
Summer Floweres colorway. $25.00
 Posted by Picasa

Chulo - inspired by Andean Knits! $25.00 Posted by Picasa


Come one and all! These are the following things I have for sale right now! Some accessories and yarns. I will post a couple of the sweaters that are for sale in a couple of days.... Please email or call me if you would like anything, and I'll be more than willing to oblige! :)
or (574) 231-1078

Mitered Bag $25.00
 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I've decided to name this one Febre. Why? I don't know exactly. It's just the name I think of when I see it. I'm ready to start the sleeve steeks, and will be making this a v-neck jumper. Coming along at a nice clip. These are really easy patterns to memorize, so it helps with speed. I'm using an unusual color combo because I wanted this one to be kind of unisex. I haven't really made very many man's jumpers, so I'm trying to change all that. These colors are definitely a bit more manly, but can also be worn by a woman. Isn't it nice ladies? We're very versitile! Happy knitting everyone, hope your weeks are going well... :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Yes! I've abandoned the one I started last week to knit a new fair isle because I am waiting on fiber! I've got some more shetland on the way, but in the meantime, I decided to get started on this "FALL" fair isle that I've had planned to do for September. Charlotte is giving an autumn type of auction (don't really know what to call it yet) at her home, and I am doing two projects for it. One will be a traditional fair isle jumper, and the second will be an aran type cardigan/jacket! So, I decided to go ahead and get started while I'm waiting. I started the ribbing on Friday morning, finished it up Friday night, and have gotten this much of the body done by this afternoon.... I've been pretty busy today though, so I didn't get as much of the knitting of the body done as I wanted to, but hopefully, much more progress will be made on it this week! Later.... :) Posted by Picasa

The new charts that I colored in for my "Fall" fair isle. It's kind of fun coloring these in with colored pencils, but very, very time consuming, but in the long run, it helps alot! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And here is the picture Kate took of the pattern. I don't understand the whole sideways angle shot, but, oh well. I took out the colored pencils and went to town this past weekend coloring and cutting out different charts from Sheila McGregor's book of fair isle knitting until I came up with these. So, we'll see how she goes... Later :) Posted by Picasa

Katie took this picture of me trying my hand at using my 16" long knitting sticks from the shetland islands. I've had them for about a year and decided to try them out. It is actually faster using these, but I don't have a knitting belt to keep my right hand needle in place, so I just shove it into the cushion of blanket (as you and see), and get a move on... I started the ribbing for this new sweater last night until my melatonin kicked in, and I had only knit about 6 rounds. So, this has been my progress so far today.... Of course, I also had spinning to do, so that put the knitting on the back burner for a bit... :) Posted by Picasa

Look who's trying their hand at designing! It's my daughter Katelyn! She drew this last night! I couldn't believe it! I mean, I thought it was quite the cute design, something that I may wear, (if I sewed). That will be the next step is teaching her about fabrics, and sewing machines. Which by the way, I know little about. So, I'll have to give her over to my mother for her education in that field. My mother was a seamstress, and I have had NO desire to sew. It's kindof funny how things turn out huh? Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006


And this is the red/madder on the wheel. I'm spinning this shetland on my joy because of the ratio I can get using this wheel. I'm spinning this with a bit more twist so that when I ply it, it's a nice firm but lightweight yarn. I'm using the same technique that I used when I spun the yarn for the other fair isles. The ratio is 12:1. I will be keeping you posted as to the progress of the spinning of the yarns for the new fair isle. I can't help myself, I'd rather spin the yarn to knit my fair isles than use already spun commercial yarn. Why? I don't really know yet. It's the process of creating the garment from the bottom up that has me captivated I suppose. I feel very womanly and authentic and traditional when I do it. And I get a real sense of pride. And speaking of the other fair isles, the slipover vest that I finished last week is gone.... bye, bye... it sold yesterday! Yeah! So I feel good that the new owner was so in love with it that she had to come all the way to my house to get it! The look on her face was pure joy, and so was mine! :) Happy knitting and spinning all....  Posted by Picasa

And this gorgeous red, which I would have used madder. I think it would have been a bit darker too, but I love the red anyway! This is also shetland wool... Posted by Picasa

Yesterday I dyed two colors for a new fair isle using mostly traditional natural colored wool, with close natural dyes that were used when fair isles were first knit and there weren't commercial dyes. I however did not have indigo to dye this blue, so I pretended that it was and dyed this shetland fiber this gorgeous blueish/green.... Posted by Picasa

From this wonderfully insightful book. If you don't have this, you must get it. Meg Swansen carries it at This is a reprint I believe, (but don't quote me) :) Posted by Picasa


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